Meet the people, see the church

These are the happy cooks of St John the Baptist Church, photographed by Ben and Steph for the cover of our cookbook "Flour Festival". As you can see we're an "all ages" church.

Glyncorrwg is high in the South Wales valleys, and if it snows anywhere, it will be here. This year was no exception, as this photograph taken in January 2013 shows. It might make it difficult to get to church (two services cancelled this year) but it does show us how gloriously beautiful the church can be.

St David's Day in Glyncorrwg church

Mothering Sunday in Glyncorrwg church isn't complete without a simnel cake, made by Mrs Eurlys Phipps (shown here with her traditional cake), much enjoyed by all after the service (including the Revd Edwin Phillips!).

During the service, the Choir distributed daffodils to the congregation to take home for their own mothers, and also to take to parishioners who couldn't be at the service. Shown with the baskets of flowers are Nia, Erin, Kira and Cadi.