The story of the Curig churches

Who was Corrwg? Glyncorrwg Church, seems obvious, the church in the village of Glyncorrwg. But why Glyncorrwg? "Glyn" is fine, a glen or small valley, but why "corrwg", what does it mean? Two histories by previous vicars of the church have suggested that Corrwg may have been the saint in whose name the first church (or llan) here was founded. Now Rosie Jones, a member of the congregation, has taken that theory a step further, suggesting that Corrwg can be identified with the well known Welsh saint Curig, and with Saint Guirec, the Welshman who became a Bishop in Brittany in the mid sixth century. Rosie has now published Curig's story in a book available from our church.

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Now that "St Curig : Travels in Celtic lands" is being circulated, Rosie is receiving letters, emails and phone calls providing more information, thoughts and ideas. In fact, AN UP-DATED EDITION is currently with the printer, and includes additional information contained in the pdf document posted here for anyone who might be interested. Further up-dates will follow.

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